Maser at 4 Months

Maser is 4 months old! Or was, two weeks ago. Now he is 4.5 months old. Better late than never, though, right?

We visited the doctor this past week.

His weight: 17lbs, 14oz - 95th percentile
His height: 26in - 90th percentile
His head - 50th percentile

He's a growing boy! A little longer and a little leaner than Maddox at four months.

He is getting so close to rolling over! He actually rolled from his tummy to his back one day, but I think it was an accident.

He is so interested in everything going on around him. He turns his head at the slightest noise. Which makes him quite a distracted eater, as of late.

Still nursing every three hours during the day and at night. Though the nights are still sporadic. No sleeping through the night just yet.

He still sleeps in our bed, but has preferred side-sleeping over tummy sleeping lately.

He growls. It's so cute.

He grabs everything now. My hair, my dinner plate, his toys. If it comes within his reach, its his. He then puts it all straight to his mouth.

Loves the jumperoo. Hates his swing. Guess its time to pack that away for baby #3. (Don't worry, we aren't even thinking about that for quite awhile!)

Loves to be sitting up where he can see things.

He LOVES bathtime. He has been bathing with Maddox in the big tub for quite a while now. Previously, we would hold his head and shoulders and let him float, now we just put in a shallow amount of water in the tub and let him lay on his back all on his own. He just loves to kick and splash. He is all smiles in there! And Maddox actually likes having a bathtime buddy. He loves to pour water on Mason's tummy and hair. (Don't worry! We would never leave them unattended!)

He no longer cries in his carseat! He usually falls asleep in the car now, which Maddox never did! I love it! We will have to move him to a big boy carseat in a couple more months. 20lbs is the weight limit of our infant seat.

He watches Maddox all the time. Sometimes he even laughs at him. So sweet! They are just starting to enjoy eachother, and I love it! I am so excited for the time they will actually be able to play together.

He has pretty much outgrown his 3-6 month clothes, but I am trying to make them last a little bit longer. I am not quite ready to pack them away! So right now he is wearing a little bit of 3-6 month, and a little bit of 6-12 month.

I love to see how he is changing as he grows. It's so much fun to watch his little personality develop. He is definitely a content, low-maintenance, sweet-natured little boy. I wonder if that will change when the terrible twos strike, cause let me tell ya, I got one there right now, and it ain't pretty.
Love you little Mason! You are bring so much joy to this mama.

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Mom said...

What a handsome boy. Kisses. Gramma