A video! Of a little boy and a rainforesty good time!

Is rainforesty a word? No? Well, I'm making it one.

I broke out the rainforest jumperoo yesterday. Mason doesn't quite know what to with it yet, but he enjoys sitting upright, looking all around, and grabbing at the toys. It's a good way for me to get some things done around here

Also, its worth mentioning that I am finally posting a video again! After almost a year without one! We have been focusing more on recording the boys on dvds, that I haven't been thinking about doing some little digital videos for the blog. But its so easy, I likely will be doing some more of these.

Hope you enjoy him as much as I do! Or at least, almost as much as I do. Cause you know you can't top the mom when it comes to appreciating the little things.

Someone else was a little bit jealous and wanted in on the action too.

Love it when he gives the animals a kiss. He can be so sweet when he isn't shrieking demands at me.

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