{the mama behind the blog}

If someone would have told me on the first day of my Freshman year of higschool that I would meet the man I would marry that year, I never would have believed it. Yet, Matt and I met in highscool at the tender age of 15. After 8 years of growing as individuals and learning who we were as a couple, we committed to spend our lives together. December 13th, 2008, was the day I married my soul mate.

Our first baby boy, Maddox, joined our family a short year later in December of 2009. Our newest addition, little Mason, was born on August 1st of this year. This blog is mostly dedicated to journaling our family's every day life.

We currently live in Chicago, where Matt works with an engineering firm doing bridge design. He is a wonderful husband and a dedicated provider. I feel very blessed to be able stay home and raise our sons.

I am a proponent of natural child birth, breastfeeding and attachment parenting. In rare moments of free time, I enjoy photography and reading.