Three Years of elle-oh-vee-ee.

This day, a mere three years ago, was the greatest day of my life. Not only were (almost) all of the people I love gathered together under one roof, having a grand old time, not only did we receive lots of gifts and a load of a cash (thanks guys!), not only did we eat lots of cupcakes (yummy yummy lemon cupcakes), this day, three years ago, was the day I married the love of my life.

I felt that way then, and I feel that way still today. I am so blessed. We have been through so much together these past three years, we are definitely not the same people we were three years ago. In some ways we always will be, but we have changed so much. Grown. As individuals, and as a couple.

Matt left for Kentucky today. It's a bummer that we won't be spending out anniversary together. He is inspecting a really tall bridge that he actually has to climb (while wearing a safety harness), so it makes me a little nervous. I know that he will do a great job, and probably enjoy the awesome experience. He should be back Thursday evening, so that's not too bad. We were able to go out for dinner Saturday night while my mom was here (thanks again Mom!). We went to a fondue restaurant, Fondue Stube. Our favorite place that we ate while on our honeymoon was a fondue place, so it was a fun way to remember.
Matt left me little notes all around the apartment today. That has been such a sweet suprise, and a great way for it to feel like he is here with us while he is away. I sure do love that guy.

I wrote him a little letter and left it in his shoe so that he would find it this morning. I will end with some parts that I wanted to share, just so that someday our boys can read it, and know how much their parents love eachother.


Happy Anniversary!  Three years have already gone by. It’s hard to believe. But when I look back over everything we have accomplished together since we were married, it’s crazy to think that we have only been married for a few short years.  A move to the big city, a new apartment, the beginning of a career for you, our first baby, another new apartment, our second baby, a marathon, a new church, not to mention Christmas trees, parades, fireworks, pumpkin farms, birthdays, lots and lots of trips to Iowa, new restaurants, new recipes, new playgrounds, museum visits, emergency room visits and so much more that I couldn’t fit it all on one little page. We have been through so much in those three years.

You have made my life wonderful.

The moment I saw you at that fated party, I knew there was something different about you.  And although I think that real, true love, can not be felt at first sight (it has to grow, it becomes so much more than those early feelings), I felt a tugging on my heart. And since that moment, I have never wanted to be apart from you. Even in those times that we spent apart, I could not let go of you. You are the one I am meant to be with. I know it. I feel it. It wasn’t happenstance. We are part of eachother. Your heart is so intertwined with mine, it hurts to be away from you.

I am so excited, so very excited that we have made it to the three year mark. We have sailed through the most difficult years of a marriage without so much as a ripple. We used to say that marriage would be easy because of our early trials, and it so has. You make it easy.  You are all I hoped you would be, you are all that I need, you are all that I could ever, ever want. You are the perfect trifecta. A dedicated provider, doting father, and loving husband, and I am so, so thankful for you.

Matthew, I will never adequately convey to you how much you mean to me. It just can’t happen. It’s one of those ethereal feelings that can’ be explained, only felt. And I hope you feel it too.

Happy three years baby. We have done so much, but we have so much more to do.
I love you. Always. Always, always, always.


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