Maser at 18 Months

This is going to be a looooong one. Where do I even begin?

Mason is such an active, charismatic, intelligent little boy. I haven't written about him in a while, so there is a lot to share.

He is talking! SO much! Only saying one word at a time, but he knows lots of words, and repeats new words that he hears every day. Words he currently uses: dada, mama, nurse, Jasper, bye bye, bath, Maddox, hot, cold, batman, chair, trash, giraffe, gorilla, hippo, frog, duck, basketball, soccer ball, blanket, hi, eyes, berries, banana, juice, cheese, please (sounds the same as cheese), thank you, cookie (its his word for any treat), frosty and snowman, uh oh, whoa, come, yeah. I am sure I am forgetting some. Every day it's something new.

Loves loves loves to read books. His favorite is called "HUG". He can read it by himself. Its pretty stinkin cute.

Knows all the animal noises I can think of to teach him. In the car, the boys' favorite game is for Maddox to say "Mason, like a Lion!" and then Mason says "rawr!", they can go for ten minutes with Madox suggesting animals and Mason responding with a quack, hiss, moo, hoo, meow, ruff, neigh, ooo ooo, etc etc.

He really really loves Batman. He loves to wear his towel on his head and run around saying "Batman!". And it's just so cute.

Shakes his head no. And just started to nod too.

He loves naked time. And he will kill me for sharing this one day, but that kid loves to touch his "parts". He is such a boy.

Nicknames: Bug, buggy boo, Mase, Maser, Mase Man, Little one, little brother.

He absolutely loves every kind of ball and every kind of game played with a ball. He especially loves to play basketball, followed by soccer.

He is definitely more action, less thought. He doesn't scheme. He just does. 

And he loves to climb. He has been able to get on the table for months. And the island and counters for the past several weeks. That kid can scale anything.

Eats with the utensil in his left hand.

He has a smile that makes my heart ache at the bitter sweetness of this time and how short it is.

He demands my attention with "Mama! Mama! Mama!" Until I look at him, and then he shows me what he wanted me to see. I have to get this on video before he grows out of it. It still makes my heart swell each time. Even when it's as simple as picture of a lion (his favorite animal) that he found in a book. He wants so badly for me to see it. You can't help but feel adored in those moments.

Until recently, he would only go down slides on his tummy, feet first. Now he will sometimes do them on his bottom.

Has a temper.Oh yes. If you try to take a toy, he will scream and shout. And when he is really angry, he puts his head on the floor, booty in the air, and cries.

He loves to dance. And jump. He was jumping, both feet off of the floor, at 12 months old. And he hasn't stopped since. This boy is all about the large motor skills.

 He loves to do what everyone else is doing.

Had his first (pretty sginificant) fat lip a few weeks back. The first of many, I suppose. He slipped on a book on the floor, but his poor little lip puffed up pretty bad.

At his 18 month check up he was almost 26 lbs (50th percentile) and 34.25 inches tall (75th percentile). And boy, did he ever despise that doctor. This was right after the fat lip incident.

He was not amused by any of Dr. King's usual tricks. He would not smile at him for anything, and screamed any time the doctor so much as looked his way. That boy is opinionated.

 He loves his daddy.

We are working on sharing. But that's a skill that takes about 18 months to develop.

He will eat just about anything. His favorites are all kinds of berries, (homemade) mac and cheese, avocados, stir fry, oatmeal, and (fried) eggs.

He and Maddox are best buddies. They fight like brothers, but they sure do adore each other.

Still wearing some 18 month clothes and some 24 months. Size 5 diapers.

He has all of his teeth in the front, and one set of molars.

Still nursing at nap time and bed time. I am planning to have him completely weaned by the time Matt and I go to NYC at the end of April. But it's going to be tough. That kid loves the boob. If I tell him "no", he pulls at my shirt, sticks his hand down my top, and pinches my boobs. Not kidding.

He understands 80% of things I tell him. He can follow a simple command like "pick up the blanket" "Where is your cup?" "Go get your shoes!"

He loves to look at pictures that I have on the wall of both Matt and my families. He loves to point at each face and have me tell him who each person is.

He is so intelligent, he is just interested in knowing what things are, and how they work.

He sleeps about 11-12 hours at night and a two hour nap during the day.

Walks on his tippy-toes sometimes.

He is so mischievous. He gets into everything. The moment I turn my back, he is up to no good. Today he dumped all of the oregano, garlic and ginger on the floor. He has smelled like garlic all day.

He will not leave shoes on. If he is not walking, they immediately come off.

 He loves a good game of hide-and-go-seek, or peek-a-boo.

 He is so happy, and generally easy going. You would have a hard time finding a smilier, more even-tempered and content little guy than our Mason. And amidst the mischief, climbing, and spice-spilling, that is a blessing. One little grin, and everything else is forgiven.

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