His first sleep over

Maddox's best little friend, Gavin, has a new baby brother. So we offered to have Gavin over night, for a fun night for Gavin and also for some quiet time for his parents (Matt and Erin).

They came over for dinner, and the left Gavin for the evening.

We did a bubble bath, and watched Toy Story on a big pile of pillows on the living room. Complete with popcorn and m&ms.

Mason loved just being with the bigger boys and feeling like part of the fun.
He did not want to stay with me or Matt.

We tried to get the boys settled down together on a bed (made of blankets) on Maddox's bedroom floor. We read books and sang songs, then gave them quiet time to talk and settle themselves down. After twenty minutes or so, I realized it wasn't going to happen. Maddox was too excited to have Gavin with him, he was just not going to settle down, and was starting to get a little crazy from being up a bit past his bed time.

After separating them, they both went right to sleep, Gavin a little quicker than Maddox.

I had gotten the boys a set of coordinating star wars/angry birds pj's to wear to commemorate the night.

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