Shiver me timbers!

Today Maddox put a blanket on his head and said "I'm a pirate ship!" I asked him "You're a pirate?" He said "Yeah!". That was the second time this week he put something on his head and called himself a "pirate ship". We haven't talked about pirates much at all, so I wasn't too sure where he picked it up. If I figure it out, I will let you know.

I followed up by asking him where pirates live, and he answered "on a boat!" So I decided today was a good day to pretend to be pirates. I tied a bandana around his head, which he loved. In fact, he wore it most of the day. I told him the couch was the pirate ship, his slide was the plank, we laid out their blankets to make our sea, and I played the role of a scary shark who ate those unlucky enough to fall over board.

Mason liked running from the shark, but was otherwise uninterested. But Maddox, he adored every second of it.

The boys on their ship . . .

Walking the plank . . .

And running from the shark . . .

 The joys of childhood are so simple. It reminds me to appreciate the little things.

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