A Full-time Walker

Mason has been walking for a month and a half now. His first steps were at 9.5 months. At 10 months he was walking about half the time and crawling half the time. He was able to walk several steps but would eventually fall down, as evidenced in these videos.

By 10.5 months he was walking like a pro. A full-time walker. He very rarely crawls. He can squat down to pick up an object and then stand back up, as well as carry larger objects without falling down. He has even mastered the full turn without falling. He sits down when he wants to, and only falls (for the most part) if he bumps into something or is bumped in to, or pushed.

He is a busy busy boy. Any one who meets him says two things about him - 1. He smiles a lot. Unless he is crying, he is smiling. There is (mostly) no in between. and 2. He gets in to every thing. Which he does. Always. If there is something to be tipped, toppled, spilled, pulled, opened, eaten, climbed on etc etc, Mason is there.

Next up: climbing. He can climb steps and furniture that is low to the ground, pretty much anything that is at his waist level or lower is within his climbing ability. And and he does attempt to climb things that are taller. It's only a matter of time  . . .

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Anonymous said...

So CUTE CUTE CUTE..... and to hear him giggling:)I can't believe he will be a year old! Oh my gosh, how I miss seeing the kiddos. Of course you and Matt too!!! Maybe a trip to Chicago this early fall again....Love Ya, Lynette