Jumping and rollling around. And then more jumping. And more rolling around.

Today Matt worked all day. In fact, it's 11:43pm and he is still at work. Which made for a long day for us, but we made the most of it. We went for a jog, stopped at the park, and even had some friends (Isaac and Israel) over to play this evening while their parents had a date night.

In the midst of all of that, we spent at least an hour this morning doing this:

 And this:

I laid our big down comforter on the floor in Maddox's room with a smattering of other pillows and blankets. And any time there is a pillow or blanket on the floor, Mason is like a moth to the flame, rolling to his heart's content.

Maddox preferred jumping from the ottoman, on to the pile of blankets. He also perfected his somersault skills.

Which eventually led to somersaulting off of the ottoman, on to the pile of blankets. That kid. He thinks of everything.

Mason, a sucker for all things soft, also enjoyed rolling on the bean bag chair.

 And then the furry ottoman.

 Which led to this series of events:

Although the pictures are incriminating, I believe Maddox was trying to help him. Not that Mason needed help. By the end of our little romp he was diving head first off the ottoman. What other 11 month old does that? Seriously.

That little bug melts my heart. He is sweeter than homemade blueberry cobbler (which I made this week, and was delicious).

There was a little bit more of this . . .

and this (notice the little bug climbing up for his turn) . . .

 And some proof that they do enjoy eachother's company some times.

There was some beautiful baby modeling (note the luscious eye lashes) . . .

and a toddler practicing his "say cheese!" smile . . .

But I usually prefer the candid shots. And find it interesting that their "neutral" faces reflect such different personalities.

We played peek-a-boo under the blankets . . .

 And by the time we were finished, both boys were pretty worn out.

And that was how we spent our morning! It was divine. One of those little moments in life that make up the memories that I will hold dear long after my babies are grown.

 Who knew one blanket could be enjoyed in so many ways . . .


Lark said...

Some great pics Lindsey. Looks like they had lots of fun with that blanket. Thanks for sharing. I love you all. OX Mom

Grandma Kathy said...

These are wonderful pictures of two adorable boys! Again, you have created a wonderful memory!