All About Food

Mason is such a good eater. He eats most things I give him, and he eats a lot of it. He will try everything I put in front of him. Maddox has always been a lighter eater, so I am thankful for Mason's love of food.

He is also an entertaining eater.

If I put something in his mouth that he didn't see first, he will take it out and look at it, and then put it back in.

If he doesn't like something, he will intentionally drop it on the floor, then look over the edge of his tray to see where it went.

Tonight I gave him some hummus. It was a new flavor for him and he didn't particularly like it. He tried to take it out of his mouth and drop it on the floor, but since it's sticky, it stuck to his hand, which was very frustrating for him. And kind of sweet and amusing.

He wants food the moment he is in his highchair and he wants to be out of the highchair immediately after he is finished.

He can drink out of a straw. And a cup. If he gets hold of brother's sippy cup, it's like he won the lottery.

 He LOVES blueberries right now. And pears. He devours them.

He also really likes spaghetti, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and Greek yogurt.

He is so cute covered in spaghetti, I just had to share.

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