Mason at 10 Months

My little Bug is ten months and ten days old. I love that little man.

He is still the most joyful child I have ever known. He smiles constantly. It's contagious.

He took his first steps at 9.5 months old. Can you believe it?! Now he is able to walk 9-10 steps in a row before toppling over/sitting down/reaching his destination.

When he wants to get somewhere quickly, he still crawls, but the walking is becoming a little more prevalent each day.

He started waving bye-bye last month too!

He got two more bottom teeth a  couple of weeks ago,and a month ago he got two more top teeth. That brings his total up to 8!

 pure joy.

He is babbling a lot these days, saying all kinds of consonants and vowels.

He absolutely loves to swing. One of his faves.

 He still LOVES bath time.

He shrieks at an unreal decibel. Like, loud enough that you can't hear yourself talking. It's pretty adorable though.

At his 9 month check up he weighed a little over 21lbs.

He is still wearing size three diapers and is wearing 12 month shirts/onesies and 18 month pants!

He is becoming quite a rascal! He hears "no no" many times throughout the day.

He has also started dancing (bouncing) to music.

Still sleeping 12 hours at night and taking 1-2 naps during the day for about 2 hours total.

Eating lots and lots of table foods, but not as much purees anymore. Still nursing every three hours.

He has become very opinionated. He gets angry if something is taken away or he can't have something or can't go somewhere he wants to go. He makes himself heard!

Maddox now says "Mason Ray!" in a "you silly goose" kind of tone whenever Mason is getting into trouble. There are no words for that kind of awesome.

 He does this funny thing where he lifts his arms above his head and then falls forward and slams them on the floor. Often accompanied by shrieking.

He is a very determined child. No matter how many times I take something away or move it, he will continue to go after it. Even if I try to be sneaky and hide something, he looks for it. He is relentless and persistent. Hopefully that will serve him well one day.

He doesn't like to be held much any more. He much prefers being on the move.

He is still such a lover. He gives the best cuddles. Sometimes he just wants me to pick him up, and he lays his little head down on my shoulder. It's the best part of my day.

I just want him to stay little for a little bit longer. He is so much fun at this age, I just love every minute of it (maybe not every minute, but most minutes!). I am so thankful to have you as a part of our little family, Mason! You will always be my little boy, and my heart overflows with love for you. God is good!

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