The Color Run - Chicago 2012

Matt and I ran a 5k at the beginning of June called the Color Run.  I have to admit, I have never been a big fan of running, but it was so. much. fun.  Here we are all squeaky clean waiting for the bus to Montrose beach, where the festivities were being held.

I don't know how many people there were. Thousands for sure. Maybe close to ten thousand? Coulda been six. I really have no idea.

 We waited with the crowd at the starting line. They let 1,000 people through every 5 minutes or so. When it was finally our turn, we were right at the starting line (the big white balloon arch).

We ran 3.1 miles along the lake, every kilometer we were doused with colored powder. Some stations weren't as colorfying as others. So we were mostly covered in yellow and green.

I did take a shot of green to the face, which was reminiscent of Bruce Banner in mid hulk-transformation.

Everyone had packets of color to throw in a post race celebration. Matt took some liberties with his packets and added some pink and blue to our lack-luster green and yellow.

 Then there was color explosion.

Which left us covered from head to toe.

 Including nasal passages, ear canals, and under wedding rings.

In all our color glory:

It was a really fun experience, and I am so glad that Matt was able to do it with me. He is a great coach/trainer/encouragement. If it wasn't for him, I never thought I would have been able to do it!

My goal was to run the entire thing, no matter how slow. And I did! We even made pretty good time. It wasn't a timed run, but according to Matt we did it in 26-27 minutes. I still don't know if I believe him. I will just have to do another 5k and get an official time . . .

We are doing the Color Run again in October in Des Moines with our families and we can't wait!!


Chrisann said...

So cute - I love you guys in any color!

Anonymous said...

What fun for you guys! I continue to love living vicariously through your experiences....:) Lindsey you look so beautiful before and after being colorfied and Matt as handsome as always! Miss M&M bunches.....love to you all.....<3 Lynette.