Ohmygoodness. Where to start. As I am typing this, he is shouting "uh!", and waving his little plastic bat in my face, in an effort to get me to remove the decorative wheatgrass branches that were originally in a vase on the floor from inside of the bat. Which he ever so lovingly wedged in through a small hole in the bottom of the bat, of which will not be coming back out.

If I typed nothing else, you would get the jist of Maddox's days right now.

It's fair to say that we have hit the terrible twos, and although they are not all that terrible, there are most definitely some not-so-fun moments.

For example, he absolutely refuses to sit in his highchair anymore. Which results in either A. trying to feed him on the move, letting him graze as he pleases (which means he isn't eating as much, and is substantially messier) or B. Holding him on our laps at the table. For Christmas, Santa is bringing a booster seat so that he can sit at the table all by himself. Santa is very wise.

He must have TWO binkies in order to sleep. One for his mouth, one for his hand. If he sees other binkies, he will want them as well. He would sleep with four if we let him.

His favorite pastimes right now include (but are not limited to): taking dvd's out of their cases and putting them in the computer/dvd player, pulling papers out of the filing cabinet, dumping Mason's baby toys out of their basket so he can turn it upside down and stand on it to reach the top of the dresser (he also uses his wagon for this), jumping on the bed, hitting things with his bat, and doing things he knows he shouldn't and then looking at me to see what I am going to do about it.

But how can you be mad about him reaching for things off of the dresser when this is all he was looking for?

Oh, and this too. 

Yes that is baby powder, and yes he was pulling the door shut behind himself, so that he could take that powder and have a merry old time without me seeing him. Sneaky little boy.

Don't get me wrong, he also likes to do some productive activities like unloading the dishwasher (even if the dishes have yet to be washed) helping me switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer, helping me with dinner (he loves to help with things) looking at books and doing puzzles, trying to dress himself and walking Jasper around on his leash.

Even with all of the challenging moments, he is still so much fun. I love this age, he is still young enough to need his mama, but he is becoming much more self-sufficient. If I tell him to get his shoes, he will. Get his coat, he will. Put something in the trash, he will, pick up his toys, he usually will.

He is very loving, always giving us hugs and kisses.Which I LOVE!

He is loving the moment when Daddy walks in the door at the end of the day. He always gets so excited to see him! Now, more than ever before.

He still has a very short attention span when it comes to activities. He usually moves from away from an activity after 5 or 10 minutes. And he is very easily bored. It is challenging to come up with something that really engages him.

We went to the doctor for his 2 year check-up. He weighs 27lbs 7oz, which is the 50th percentile. He was 34.5in tall, which was just over the 50th percentile. So right at average, and growing just like he should. He was very cooperative with the doctor, and Dr. King even said "What a great way to end my day!" because both of the boys were very good at their visit (they went together).

His only concern was Maddox's speech. He is a little bit behind where he should be. At age two, he should be able to string two words together, and he isn't even really using many single words. Dr. King wrote out a prescription for speech therapy, but said we could wait and see where Maddox is in another month. Dr. King did talk to Maddox, asked him to point to body parts, saw how well he listened to me, and commented that he wasn't worried.

Honestly, I feel like a big part of his speech delay comes from me speaking for him. Since he was little, like any mom, I always knew what he needed without much communication from Maddox. As he grew, and started gesturing/pointing and whining, I would always know what he wanted and would even speak for him, like "You want your drink?" or I would tell Matt "He would like you to throw that ball to him" etc. I never really made him verbalize things. I also think part of it is his nature. He is more interested in figuring out how things work than talking about it, if that makes sense. He is more of a thinker than a talker, for sure. But I have changed my approach with him, encouraging him to "use his words" and explain to me what he would like. It's difficult, when I know he wants a snack, and I know he doesn't know all of the words. I hate to see him frustrated. But he is already making big improvements in just a week. Yay!

He still loves to dance. And sing.

Lately he has enjoyed playing with his baby dolls. Mostly pulling them around in his wagon, and taking their clothes on and off.

Also likes his toy cars (Matt's old hotwheels), and his tonka trucks. You can't put a label on this kid. He is equal parts sensitive and rough-n-tumble.

He is such a great big brother. He loves to give Mason toys, hug him and kiss him. Mason is at the age now where he is starting to really watch Maddox, and even laugh at his antics. They are already quite a pair.

He is loving Toy Story right now, still likes Elmo though. Still loves cheese and yogurt. Peas are his favorite vegetable and grapes and apples his favorite fruits. He also really likes whole wheat tortillas with peanut butter. That has been a favorite lunch recently.

He still drinks warm milk at bed time and nap time. I really don't mind it at all. Some days he needs those extra calories for sure.

He still wakes up once at night. Again, it isn't a big deal. He will grow out of it eventually.

He has used the potty a couple of times! We are in no hurry whatsoever, and let him sit on the potty only when he is showing an interest in it. I don't really expect him to be fully ready until two and half or so.

Still loves bath time every night.

He is learning the alphabet song. He loves to sing it with us.

He absolutely loves airplanes, that kid hears them from miles away.

He also loves buses and firetrucks.

His favorite words lately are "Guck!" (duck. Always said with excitement), "baby", and "ball".

He loves animals. Especially kitties. And any sort of bird (guck). And dogs.

I could go on and on about this boy. He is always doing new things, discovering new things, learning new things. He will always be my baby, but I am so excited to watch his life unfold.


Grandma Kathy said...

Love this little boy!He's got an awesome start!

Jamie said...

So nice to read that he still has the binky! We have been getting some slack about Lauren's recently and decided to take it away from her...which of course, she has been sleeping horrendous! Kyle would kill me if I gave it back to her ;)