Beebee ooooooh (and some G-rated loving)

Today we were listening to the "beebee" song, per Maddox's request. Yes, he can now request songs. Just one. Because there is only one word in his vocabulary that happens to also be the name of a song. Now that he has realized it (which was just today), he has been requesting it non stop.

While he was listening to "Baby" and playing with his animal friends this morning (which mostly entails asking me "wutisdat?" and making them kiss),  I heard him singing along.

I can't decided which is more adorable, the singing or the animal kissing.

It's hard to really capture it on video, but he sings "beebee beebee beebee, oooh" over and over again whenever we listen to it. And it's the CUTEST. THING. EVER.

Here's another one that's a little heavier in the smooching department.

What can I say, he's a lover.

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