Our anniversary is coming up. Our 3rd Anniversary. Which is a little more special to us than just a regular old anniversary, because 3 is our lucky number.

When I played basketball in highschool, my number was 33.
When Matt played soccer in highschool, his number was 3.
We met on 3/3/01.
He asked me to be his girlfriend on 3/13/01.
We broke up 3 different times while dating (kind of a bummer one, but we had a lot of growing to do since meeting at the age of 15!).
We got married on 12/13/08
I found out I was pregnant with Maddox on my 23rd birthday.

I think that's all of the major occurrences of the number three in our lives, but it's a number that really means a lot to us. At least as much as a number can mean to someone.

Whenever we get Chinese food, Matt's fortunes only "count" if there is a "3" amid lucky numbers.

Maybe it's silly to some, but that little digit is a small token of love for us. Whenever we see a number three, we think of eachother.

With that in mind, I was very excited when I came across what I think is an awesome anniversary gift. Something small, that we can both enjoy.

It's a graphic print from this little online shop called Polka Design. Inside the three is says "is a magic number", which are lyrics from some song. Which I thought was applicable. It's really fun and modern looking, plus the colors are perfect for our apartment. I framed it to hang in our living room.

Matt has no idea that I am even thinking about our anniversary, since it usually gets lost in the shuffle of Christmas and Maddox's birthday, so I think he will be fairly surprised that I got him something, and even more surprised that I got something kinda meaningful and cool!

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