Christmas Came Early

We had three Christmases this year. Crazy. But lots of fun! We decided early on that we would do a family Christmas with just the four of us the week before real Christmas. This was the first year that Maddox wold really be able to open presents and get excited and since we were planning on being back in Iowa for actual Christmas, we wanted a to have some special time with our boys on our own.

We spent our pretend Christmas eve going to Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo with some friends, followed by dinner out at our favorite falafel place, Nesh. Because nothing says "Christmas" better than Middle Eastern food. Or something like that. Then we came home, and the boys got to open one present. A holiday tradition.

They got matching holiday moose jammies. Another tradition. The jammies, not the moose. Mooses? Meese?

That was the night Mason did his complete 360 roll, front to back to front, if you remember.

The next morning we got up at the usual time, and told Maddox to look under the tree. He was pretty excited to see this bouncy bull, and didn't really even notice the rest of the presents.
He's blurry because he is bouncing.

Maser with his stocking on his first (fake) Christmas morning! It's as big as he is!

We were eventually able to coax Maddox off of his bull, and onto opening his other presents.

His preferred unwrapping method was carefully removing one shred of paper at a time, and handing it to Daddy.

Mason was on the edge of his seat in anticipation.

Maddox's favorite gifts were the bull and a tee for hitting his softballs. Mommy got a new camera bag and lens, Daddy got a new bible (The Message) and a canvas that I painted some song lyrics onto, and Mason got a sock monkey hat and a Sophie the Giraffe teether.

He LOVES his Sophie. I highly recommend her to anyone with a 3-9ish month old baby. It's just so sweet to watch him cram her face and legs into his mouth.

An extra special bonus, Mason spent all of our Christmas morning rolling around. It was so much fun to watch.

Its been two weeks since then, and now it seems like old hat to see him roll over. How quickly those little "changes" simply become "life" and you forget what it was like before.

Love those boys. All three of 'em.

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