Tres Meses

My sweet, sweet baby is three months old. Three glorious months of cuddles and kisses and cute little cries. He has completely melded into our family as if he has always been here. He has a personality all his own, and I am totally enamored with him.

This little wee one is very dear to my heart.

As you can see, he thoroughly enjoys sitting in his Bumbo seat now. Though it may not look like it, he really does like it!

In fact, he loves to be sitting up all the time. Gone are the days of cradling him in my arms. If he is slightly reclined, he will try to sit up. He can't do it, bless his heart, but he sure tries. Unless, of course, he is eating or sleeping.

He is still very easy going and mild mannered. He rarely cries. When he is upset or wanting attention, he usually just breathes a little more frantically, followed by some grunting and cooing, followed by some whining. If it progresses past that, then he will cry.

He weighs somewhere in the vicinity of 15.5 - 16 lbs, and is getting to be quite a chunker. Just check out his pudgy arms. I die of cuteness.

He is becoming quite a chatterbox. I love having little conversations with him. We go back and forth for several minutes at a time. Him listening to me, me listening to him. He also really loves when I sing songs for him and Maddox.

He is loving tummy time! Maybe not loving it, but he is content on his tummy for quite awhile.

He arches his back all. the. time. When he is in his swing, on my lap, on the floor . . . it's hard to get him to bend his legs in a sitting position sometimes. I think this is the precursor to rolling over!

He has really begun to notice his hands. He loves to look at them! He is even reaching towards/grabbing onto things now. Including mommy's face. Which is problematic when I haven't trimmed his nails. I don't mind. I just think of it as love scratches.

He loves to chew on his fingers. He never really took to the pacifier, which is okay by me. A certain almost-two year old is severely attached to his binky. This way, I won't ever have to break Maser of the habit. But he just might become a thumb sucker.

He loves his big brother. He smiles at Maddox every time Maddox gives him attention. As long as the attention isn't in the form of ball-throwing or being stepped on. Which never happens. (spoiler alert: it does.)

He will just watch him play all around the room.

Maddox still doesn't interact with him too much, but he is starting to realize that having a little brother can sometimes be fun! I know he will really enjoy when Mason is big enough to play.

Mason is still sleeping in our bed. Since we have a bigger bed now, it could be a little while before I am ready to move him to his own room. He still nurses at night, so I am not in too big of a rush. I love his squishy little body cuddled up next to me. Melts my mama heart.

He is actually on a pretty good schedule. He sleeps about 12-13 hours at night, waking up sometimes only once, sometimes 2-3 times. He takes an hour long morning nap, a 3 hour long afternoon nap, and an hour long late-afternoon nap.

His eyes are looking pretty brown. Or is it green? Hazel?

If you remember, he actually had some hair on his little head when he was born. Then it all went away, except for a little patch on the back of his head. But now it is starting to come back again. He actually has a little bit of peach fuzz! Although this picture doesn't really do it justice.

He is actually starting to giggle! Not quite a full belly laugh, but a sweet little cough-giggle. There is nothing like your baby's first laughs. It might be the sweetest sound you ever hear as a parent. There is just something magical about it.

He is still as smiley and as sugary sweet as ever!

Little Mase,

Oh how I love you! You are the yin to your brother's yang. He is a wild child these days, and you are a calm in the storm. You melt my stress and keep me sane. Five minutes of one-on-one time with you is my haven during the craziness of our daily routines. You are a joy. I will never be able to fully convey my love for you. You are so dear to me, in a way that is unique to you alone. I am so glad to have you for my son. I could not have ever dreamed of how perfect you would be. My love for you is unconditional and irrevocable. Never forget that. No matter where you go or what you do, you will always been my little boy. My baby.

Your Mama

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Grandma Kathy said...

What a great blog! And the pictures are wonderful! Mason is very lucky to have you as a mama...See you soon!