Hall.O.Ween. (of the monkey variety)

I know these are late, but I wanted to get them up! This year for Halloween, we never actually got around to carving pumpkins. Sad, I know. But with a trip to Iowa, a trip to NYC, Matt's license exam and marathon, October was just bursting at the seams.

We did have a chance to paint a pumpkin though.

I taped some lines down the pumpkin, Maddox painted away, then I peeled off the tape to reveal a cool design. It was pretty awesome, but Jasper got ahold of it and licked all the paint off before I could take an "after" picture. Bummer. But it was a fun, kid-friendly way for Maddox to get involved in the pumpkin decorating.

For Halloween we had two sweet little monkey boys.

Don't those little monkeys just make you all mushy inside? I adore Maddox's coy and Mason's happy-go-lucky natures. I was able to coax some smiles out of Maddox though.

The banana in the pocket makes the costume. And the cute little tail.

I think Maddox liked his costume. The first few times we put it on, he thought it was so much fun. He didn't really like to have the hood up though. Pretty typical of a toddler.

Mason didn't mind one bit.

We went trick-or-treating at area businesses. It was really crowded and Maddox was a bit shy with so many people around, but he really enjoyed collecting candy and putting it in his bucket. We loved that Maddox was actually old enough to enjoy it this year. Despite what pictures may say.

We saw lots of other monkeys. I guess we weren't too original this year. I already have some fun ideas for next year. One which includes white overalls, green hair, and orange faces.

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