To celebrate my mom's 50th birthday we went on a girls' trip New York City.

It. was. awesome.

My mom, my sister, and me. The city was our oyster. Just us girls kickin' up our heels, paintin' the town red, tellin' our story walkin'. (FRIENDS anyone?)

Oh, and one other little passenger.

Yes, at just the tender age of two months old, Mason flew on a plane and visited the Big Apple. This trip was the first time Mason flew on a plane. Kelsey too.

Mason spent the entire plane ride sleeping. Both ways. I had been nervous how the pressure changes might affect him, but he never fussed. Not even once. I was so glad not to be the woman with the screaming baby. I am sure other passengers appreciated it as well.

We had lots of fun, did lots of train riding, lots of walking, lots of sight seeing, met some interesting people, ate lots of good food, and had lots of girl bonding time. 

We went shopping in Soho.

They had very lifelike mannequins at Old Navy.

We visited the World Trade Center memorial.

It was so humbling to see the names of those men, women and children who lost their lives that day.

It was awesome to see the new World Trade Center building. It is still in progress, but when it is finished it will have 104 floors. I love the reflection of the sky in its windows.

 There is a museum at the memorial, but it isn't open yet. It also has a reflective surface.

 No, I don't know those people.

So I took the opportunity to take a self portrait.

And Kelsey had some cuddle time with Mason.

A baby can only handle so much love.

Who was soaking up every moment of his time in the city.

What's a 'Big Apple'?

Mom brought along her birthday wand. Which may or may not have brought us good luck. It sure didn't work the morning Mom and Kelsey spent two hours wandering around the city looking for Rockefeller Plaza. But it did bring us a taxi in a particularly deserted area of New Jersey.

Speaking of New Jersey, we briefly visited the state on our way to the statue. What statue you ask?

This one:

We took the ferry from New Jersey to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty.

We were able to go in the pedestal of the statue.

And got up close and personal.

We then took the ferry to Ellis Island.

Where we found my grandpa's name on the wall of immigrants.

Albert C. Zanatta
Then we took the ferry back to New York.
And had some amazing views on the way.

We caught a glimpse of the 'Occupy Wallstreet' protest.

We visited Times Square.

And made it to Rockefeller Plaza.

Where I snapped these sweet pictures of little Mase.

Is it time to go home yet?

We went to the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art), where we saw paintings by Picasso, Vangogh, O'Keeffe, and Monet. My favorite were the Vangogh pieces.

Yes, we were actually allowed to take pictures of the paintings.

And we visited Central Park.

In Central Park we saw Strawberry Fields,

Do you see the walrus and the submarine?

Shakespeare's castle,

 And a sweet fountain that I can't quite remember the significance of.

Love these ladies!

Our lovely hostess, and my bestie, Malary.

Mason loved Central Park just as much as we did.

That shirt was actually a hand-me-down from some friends of ours. I thought it was fitting.

Mason was so good the whole trip, despite not sleeping well, being out of his routine, and being in a carrier all. day. long. Hopefully it was a trip he will never forget! Or not. Since, you know, people don't typically remember their infantile experiences.

I know it was a trip I will never forget. I am so grateful that my mom took us on this trip. New York was so much fun. It really is unlike any other city I have been to, including Chicago. There is just an energy there, it feels so alive! There is so much to take in, I wish we could have stayed longer. But I am so glad I was able to go on this trip with my mom and sister. It was an experience I will always cherish.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog as always Lindsey! Beautiful pictures.... your perspective is amazing! Mason=SWEETNESS all the time. Love, Lynette