So much to talk about!

I am behind on my blogging, I know!! I have so much to blog about and it has totally been overwhelming me! And the longer I put it off, the more it builds up. So I am going to try and get caught up over the next couple weeks. So much has happened! A marathon, a trip to the Big Apple, Halloween, a new church, some recipes, and a certain chubby little guy turning 3 months. So stick around, and I will make it up to you, promise!

And because I can't blog without including a picture, here is a gratuitous shot of my boys.

So stinkin' cute, right? I can't get enough of them.


Grandma Kathy said...

This picture is adorable! What sweet and adorable brothers.

Anonymous said...

My... Oh... My........I miss those sweet sweet boys! :(
Love You All.....Lynette