My awesome husband ran a marathon.

That's right. Matt ran a marathon. October 9th. Can you believe it? 26.2 miles. And I am so. proud. He is awesome! He trained for over 6 months, even with a toddler and a new baby, and amid studying for his engineering license exam (which was also in October).

We were so excited to go watch him run! I made a couple posters to hold up. I wanted to take a picture, but never got around to it. Here's what they said:
"Don't stop! People are watching." (Just a little humor to lighten the mood)
"Go Daddy Go!"
"If it was easy, I would be doing it."
"Matt Becker, You are my hero!"

Matt's parents came to watch him run and also to help out with the boys. I could not have done it without them! We did a lot of walking, a lot of train riding, me wearing Mason in my Ergo carrier, Maddox in the stroller, plus a heavy diaper bag. It was a challenge for sure, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. (Unless I happened to be looking away in the 2 seconds that Matt ran by. Which was a strong possibility.)

Mason and Daddy after the race. Can you believe he is naked in October? It was so hot that day!

We planned to see him in four places, five if we had time. We just missed him at mile 5, at mile 10 Kathy saw him, but Jeff and I didn't. We skipped mile 16 and headed straight to mile 20. Where I finally got to see him! I was so bummed to see him for the first time so late in the race. But I hoped it gave him a push to finish strong! We then were able to see him again at mile 25.

Still smiling at mile 25!

There were 42,000 people running the marathon. And 2 million spectators. It was madness. But so inspiring. Just the sheer will and determination of those athletes was amazing. I was overwhelmed with pride and awe at what Matt was able to accomplish.

 We are so proud of you Matt!

One woman ran the marathon 9 months pregnant! She was having contractions during the race and delivered her baby later that night. Cuh-razy. Puts the rest of us women to shame.

Matt finished at 4:05. He had been training to go at a little but faster pace, but started off a little too fast, then had to deal with some pain later in the race. Still a very good time. He finished in the top 10,000. Which is pretty awesome.

'My daddy is faster than your daddy!'

I know that he wishes he could have had more time to train, but there is always next time. Yes, he is already talking about next time.

My hero.


Anonymous said...

We are ALL proud of this great accomplishment!!! Way to GO MATT!! You had to overcome some major hurdles to finish this amazing race and we could not be any prouder! CONGRATS!!! Love, The Osborn's.

Dad and Mom Becker said...

So very proud of you Matt! Also to Lindsey and the boys for supporting you so it could happen...

Anonymous said...

Wow Matt!! I got goose bumps looking at these pictures and reading Lindsey's words. :) Lynette