While Matt was in Canada, Uncle Adam had a birthday. Alternately titled: The Awesome Cake. Which I made.

This past week Matt was in Canada doing bridge inspections. He was in Vancouver Island, on the west coast. Here is a picture of what he was doing. Matt is the one on the left in black and yellow. Pretty neat, huh?

While he was away, me and the kiddos went to Iowa for the week. We spent time with family, met up with some friends, and had lots of fun. On Saturday, we got to spend the evening with Matt's family celebrating Adam's birthday.

The birthday boy.

 Maddox had a good time entertaining guests with his dancing,

While Mason charmed everyone with his cuteness.

We got to see Aunt Mandy, who is 17 weeks pregnant and growing! And Uncle Lucas also showed off his bump.

Matt and I are very excited to have a little niece or nephew and for Maddox and Mason to have a little cousin. We should find out in a week or so what they are having, and I can't wait!

Maddox played with Great Grandpa Bill a little bit, and even let him hold him for a minute, but still did not want to sit on his lap.

 But my chill little Maser was happy to oblige.

Adam got some sweet presents.

 You can't go wrong with underwear.

 And an even sweeter cake. Made by yours truly.

It says "We're 'pumped' for your birthday!". Adam is a kinesiology major, and a trainer at the ISU rec center, who lifts weights on a daily basis. Thus the barbell. I was pretty proud of it. It went over pretty well. Especially for Maddox.

He was loving that cake. He probably could have eaten all of it. But we have to have some boundaries.

We just got back last night, and now I must unpack and repack for me and Mason's trip to NYC with Grandma Lark and Aunt Kelsey. We leave on Wednesday and I have a lot to do between now and then!

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