Two Months of Baby Brother Bliss

My little Mase (rhymes with base, case, chase etc. I could've spelled it M-a-C-e, but I went with an "S" because he has an "S" in his name already. Just to clarify, in case there was pronunciation confusion.) is two months old.
I don't even need to say how quickly the past two months have gone by.
Except that I just did.
Can you blame me?
I mean, seriously, these most precious days of motherhood just slip through my fingers every day. Babies don't stay babies, no matter how hard I try to hold onto them. These days of chaos and poopy diapers and crumbs on the floor and fingerprints on the windows and sweet-smelling babies and hugs and "mmmmmmm-mah!" kisses will not last forever.
Have I said that these days are the best parts of parenthood? Maybe I will change my mind as my kids grow. I most likely will. But right now, I can't imagine cherishing any days, any seasons of parenthood, as much as I do these numbered days.

Moving on to the subject at hand.
My sweet baby is 2 months old, and as happy as ever.
He is just so content, so chill, so happy to just be. And he has such an easy smile. Merely making eye contact with someone lights him up like he a kid on Christmas morning. That kind of joy is infectious.
Everyone needs a happy baby in their life.
  I see a lot of Osborn in this picture.

Five minutes with him washes away any stress or frustration I may have been feeling.
Maybe if everyone had their own happy baby to spend a few minutes with each day, the world would be a more peaceful place.
He is very active. Loves to kick his legs and can hold his head up entirely on his own. He loves to move his head every which way and look around the room at all there is to see.
He is still nursing every 2-3 hours during the day.
He slept seven hours straight a couple of nights ago for the first time. Otherwise he usually will sleep 5-6 hours straight at night. Overall, he is sleeping 13-14 at night, and napping 3 times a day or so. Nothing really set in stone yet.
He had his two month check-up yesterday. He is healthy, everything looked good.
He weighs 14lbs 13oz, which is the 95th percentile for weight.
He was 23.5 inches long, 50th - 75th percentile for length.
And his head was in the 50th percentile.
So over all, averaged size, but chunky. Which I already knew.
Love this chunky boy.
He also had his first shots. Which is always hard for me. But he recovered quickly and has been perfectly happy ever since.
I am so blessed to have such a healthy, wonderful little boy.

Little boys.

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