Happy Birthday Daddy!

Friday we celebrated Matt's 26th birthday. I decided to have a little party for him on the 30th (Friday) instead of his actual birthday on the 1st (Saturday) so that it would be a surprise.

sidenote: if you ever want to see the pictures bigger or more clearly, just click on them.

We baked him a cake. I would like to say that Maddox helped with the wording. He did not.

Writing on a cake is harder than it looks.

We blew up balloons.

Maddox scribbled a card for Daddy and I wrapped some presents. We didn't have any birthday wrapping paper, so I worked with what I had.

I got Matt underwear and socks. Boring. But Maddox and Mason got him a Nook! (An e-reader from Barnes and Noble). It already has 120 books on it, including the bible, so I know Matt will get a lot of use reading it on his daily commute. The boys sure know how to pick a gift! Matt was pretty excited about it.

 Mason with the birthday boy.

We lit the candles, 26 is getting to be a quite a blaze. But I am determined to do candles for Matt every year. Even Especially when he hits 100.

I sang Happy Birthday And Maddox helped watched Matt blow out his candles.

 Would you believe we ate half of that cake that night? It tasted so good, but felt so bad.

 Mason has nothing to do with cake, but he is just so darn adorable I had to throw this in.

Saturday, on Matt's actual birthday, I made pancakes and we headed to the mall to look for some new shoes for Matt. We never found any. Matt is surprisingly selective when it comes to footwear. We came home so the boys could nap, and then we had pizza at Santullo's for dinner. Yum. Followed by Transfomers 3 from the Redbox (spoiler alert: it was very disappointing. But fun to see the Chicago scenes!).

Sunday we tried a new church, per Matt's request. It was awesome. All in all, I think it was a pretty good birthday weekend, filled with lots of family time. Which is how we like it.

He's a party animal. 

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