A woman appreciates a man who can make her laugh.

Matt is a great, sometimes unintentional, comedian. Last Saturday was a classic example of his unintentional antics.

We went to the Gap Outlet to pick up a few shirts for both Matt and I (my entire wardrobe is comprised of maternity clothes and Matt only wears t-shirts outside of work), which was an experience in itself. Its not easy lugging two little boys around a clothing store and in dressing rooms.

Afterwords we stopped at a pizza place in Bucktown, called Santullo's, that I absolutely love. They serve giant, New York style, thin crust pizzas. The kind you have to fold in half to eat. The pizza is huge, after only two pieces each (that should tell you how huge it is, we could only eat two pieces of thin crust pizza!), we boxed the rest up to take home.

It should be mentioned that every. single. time. we have a food to take home, we leave it at the table, forgetting all about it until we are halfway home. But I really love this pizza, so Matt made sure to grab it.

We were parked on a busy street, so getting the boys in the car was a little more chaotic than usual. But we got them situated in the car, and started home. A few blocks down the street, I was in the middle of telling Matt some story about something I read on Facebook, when he accelerated quickly (can't remember why) and we saw something fly up over the top of our car, and land in the street behind us.

The box of pizza.

I was laughing at the perfect cherry-on-top-of-our-already-semi-stressful-outting of just losing the pizza. But Matt had another thought.

Matt: Should I go back and get it?? 
Me: To get if off the street?
Matt: No, to eat it!

I already mentioned that this was a busy street with lots of people (who would most definitely have witnessed the scene and laughed at us) and lots of traffic (which would have surely plowed over the pizza by now).

Of course this made me laugh even more. I tried to explain my reasoning, that the pizza was done for. That we needed to just let it go. But he could not be swayed.

I'm going back for it. It's still in the box, it's fine.

We turned down a side street to head back for it, when Matt thought he should pull over to see if any landed on the truck.

So, we pulled over, Matt got out and stood on the side of the truck to check the roof for pizza traces.

Matt: It's all up here
Me: What?
Matt: All four pieces are on the roof of our car, they must've fallen out of the box.
Me: Okay, well grab them. 

Matt then proceeds to one-by-one grab each of the four slices and set them on the driver's seat of the truck.

Me: What are you doing? There is a trash can right over there.
Matt: What? I'm not throwing them away, they are still good. Only one piece was face down, the others were all face up!
Me: (totally shocked) What?! You can't eat them! There are black bits all over them!
Matt: Those are supposed to be there.
Me: What are you going to do with these giant, greasy slices of pizza for the thirty minute drive home?
Matt: Diaper wipes?

I was laughing hysterically the whole time. Matt didn't really get why it was so funny to me.

Needless to say, I convinced him to throw the pizza away. He was still determined to eat it, until he noticed some bits and pieces that were definitely not there before.

Moral of the story: If you marry someone who can make you laugh, even unintentionally, life will never be dull.


Anonymous said...

that pizza was still good! what a waste Lindsey..

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lindsey I laughed all the way through it! Matt is so great... Lynette

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend is the same way, only he would want to keep the pizza because that's his absolute favorite food.