Mason in the tub

Mason is really starting to fill out his tub!
  *Green blur added for his privacy, I know he will thank me one day.*

There aren't many things more satisfying to a [breastfeeding] mother than seeing a chubby baby. It's tangible evidence of a job well done. If I'm not doing many other things right, at least the baby is well fed.

Mason still loves his bath time. Right now he is getting a bath every couple days, when he has spit up on himself enough times to warrant one. In a few more weeks, when we start establishing a bed time routine, he will get one every night. 

Last night Grandma Lark did both of the boys baths while Matt and I went out for dinner. It was nice to have some time to ourselves. Thanks Mom!

These pictures are already a week old, and it seems Mason has grown noticeably since then. I will try to get some more recent ones up soon.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah... for Grandma Lark I'm sure she loved every minute! Auntie Lynette..... See You Tomorrow!!!