Life Today

Its a kind of quiet Saturday morning here at the House of Boys.

Matt is studying for his exam, while holding a sleeping babe.

Maddox is wedging himself in the legs of Mason's baby rocker, hiding in the cupboards, and refusing to eat breakfast. Not at the same time. But you get the idea.

Later today we are planning to go to a fall festival on the south side of the city. Farm animals, inflatables, games, face painting, pie eating. Should be lots of fun for Maddox.

Matt's exam (to get his license) is less than two months away now. He stresses about not having enough time to study. Having two littles makes it tough. Also Iowa/Iowa State games on the radio. That makes it tough too.

Maddox is not sleeping through the night. He is eleven days away from 21 months old. He still wakes up once a night. Sometimes twice. Sometimes he wakes up and won't go back to sleep for an hour. It is just so inconsistent. I am not really sure how to fix it. I keep hoping he will grow out of it. Maybe he still will . . . who knows. I am not really one to just let him cry. We do occasionally have to let him cry for a few minutes. But I could never completely ignore his calls. Waking up at night is just a phase (even if it lasts until he is 5), but being able to trust that his parents will always be there for him when he needs us will last a life time. I would never want him to think that we won't come to him when he needs us. Plus sometimes he just has a massive poop that needs changing.

Maddox has recently added chin, neck, hair and elbows to his growing bodyparts repertoire.
He also has a new fascination with nipples. Matt's, Mason's, his. Maybe it came from watching me nurse Mason. I really don't know. But he likes to pinch them. Which he totally came up with on his own.

Last weekend we acquired a pair of vintage chairs. They are pretty sweet. We plan on reupholstering them some time. We don't really have a place for them right now, so there isn't a rush to get them done. They were free. So even if we never end up tackling them, no harm done.

My mom is coming tomorrow. We are looking forward to having her. And my Aunts and Uncle on Thursday. Should be lots of fun. And perhaps a visit to Lickity Split (don't search that on the internet unless you want some questionable results). It's our favorite custard shop. They have awesome banana splits. Yum. Maddox always loves having company.

Mason is currently in my lap, and repeatedly lifting his head and banging it on my chest. I think he is trying to tell me something.

I have one [almost] 6 week old who wants to eat, and one [almost] 21 month old who wants to play. And one Daddy who wants to listen to the game. I suppose I should wrap this up.

It's gonna be a crazy day!

And just because I can't do a post without pictures, here are some gratuitous photos of my babies.

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Grandma Kathy said...

You never cease to amaze me with your words! Love you all! Handsome babies....