It's Just Hair.

As you all know, Maddox rocks a head full of luscious golden locks.

 Exhibit A:

I absolutely love his beautiful hair. It has secretly (or not so secretly) been my pride and glory. Well after, of course, Maddox himself.
I have always trimmed it myself. But since Mason's arrival, I haven't really had time to wrangle Maddox into the sink, where he usually sits while I do the trimming. Plus, it was getting really shaggy over his ears. And I wasn't really sure how to shape it around his ears so that they weren't so covered.

Exhibit B:

He really needed a trimming, so I thought it would be fun to take him to a children's salon here in the city. They have little cars to sit in and movies to watch. Plus lots of toys to play with. Plus, his hair would maybe look a little nicer.

Let me just ask you, what would you expect from a girl that makes a living by working in a shop decorated like a rain-forest, cutting kids hair all day? Someone bubbly? Friendly? Patient? Someone who actually likes children?

Or someone like this?

 I swear, that is how her face looked the entire time.

And she didn't say two words to Maddox the whole time. Except to obnoxiously bang her comb on the front of his little car and say "Look at Elmo" (not even in a cutesy tone) whenever he slightly moved his head.

She didn't talk to me at all. Except when I asked if I could take pictures because it was his first haircut. To which she replied "Sure. I'm in everyone else's baby books at this point." Did she make a big deal about his first hair cut? Nope. Did she offer to give me a lock of hair? Nada. Did she tell him was a big boy? Or say how good he was? Not a word. Did she give him the complimentary shampoo that is included in the ridiculous price? Do I need to even answer that one?

But look at little Maddox in his car. He was so good! And so sweet. I just love this little boy.

He didn't really care for the cape, but he left it alone. He loved sitting in the car and watching Elmo. Afterwords, he saw his reflection in a big mirror and looked at himself for a second, as if he noticed something was different.

She took off a little more than I wanted. I asked for "just a little trim, and some shaping around his ears". Apparently she took that to mean "cut off half of the length and add a bunch of layers so that he has a mullet".

Poor guy. My heart was a little bit broken. Okay, more than a little bit. I cried. His hair had taken awhile to get to that length. And it was so soft and so cute. I was pretty upset the rest of the day. And part of the next day.

But then I realized, it's just hair. I love him no matter how he looks. Maddox is still Maddox. Maybe I was even being a little bit vain by putting so much importance on his appearance. By inadvertently caring more about what other people think about my little boy than what God thinks about my little boy. By putting importance on worldly notions of attractiveness.

I have learned my lesson. I have been blessed with a healthy, sweet, vivacious, perfect little boy. And that is what matters.

But I don't think we will be cutting it again for quite awhile.


Anonymous said...

Lindsey, you have a beautiful soul one surely meant to be a mother.... Love, Lynette

Grandma Kathy said...

Maddox looks just as sweet as ever. You are a great mom and your heart is in the right place. Take care and enjoy your time with your mom and aunts! Can't wait to see all of you again.... Love you

mom said...

OK...That haircut is not so bad. You had me worried. Can't wait to see him in person. Love you.