Maddox had his first encounter with PlayDoh! I headed to Target the other day, in search of a toddler friendly board game. Nothing really stood out to me as something that would interest him (maybe Hungry Hungry Hippos?), but right next to the games was PlayDoh! For only a couple of bucks, I figured he would enjoy molding, squishing, and cutting the colorful dough. I have been wanting to do homemade PlayDoh, but I figured this would last longer.
So I got out a few gadgets from the kitchen, and we went to town!

He really enjoyed slicing the dough with his toddler butter knife (very dull, like the edge of a spoon).

This is fun!

We also had measuring spoons, a beater from my electric mixer, plastic lids, and a cup for making circles.

Not quite sure what to do with this . . .

There may have been some sampling of the PlayDoh, but that didn't last long.

Scooping with a measuring spoon.

Forks are for eating, not for playing!

How precious is the little boy?

Maddox is at such a fun age! He loves to learn new things and try new activities. I just love being his mama.
I will leave you with my favorite pic of the day. He is just a perfect little boy!

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