Mason's First Bath

Mason had his first real bath right around two weeks, and has had a few more since then. He loves bath time!
 The only part he doesn't like is being chilly, but as long as I pour warm water over his tummy, or use a washcloth, he is perfectly content.
When I got the whale tub out, of course Maddox wanted to sit in it too. He was jealous that Mason was in the whale tub in the big bath tub, he screamed through all of Mason's bath. We have since switched Mason's baths to the kitchen, and Maddox is no longer jealous.
Mason is a very messy eater, so he needs lots of baths to stay fresh and clean. But I don't mind, he looks pretty cute when he's wet!
The only part he didn't like was getting out of the water, but that's pretty normal.
I love you sweet boy! There is nothing better than a fresh, sweet-smelling little boy to cuddle!

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