Big Brothers Rule!

I know a big brother who is pretty neat.

A 20 month old big brother who is learning to love his little brother. Who may get frustrated from time to time, but generally, is becoming better at showing love and tolerance to his little brother.

A blue-eyed big brother who loves teeth. Yes, teeth. He loves to brush his teeth. He loves to find Jasper's teeth, and when you ask him where his teeth are, he does the most adorable thing.

And if he has a binky in his mouth (a binky that we will soon be attempting to eliminate) he does another adorarble thing.

I know a big brother, who loves to drive his big car, who loves to play with daddy, who loves his truck book and his animal book, a big brother who has no fear, but can be apprehensive. A big brother who loves to give hugs and kisses.

I know a big brother who is slowly learning what his new title means.

A big brother whose shirt says it all.

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mom said...

He is soooo CUTE! Love and miss you all. MOM