Last Friday Night (Some Water Play, Ice Cream and Mason's First Bean Pic)

Friday we went downtown to meet Matt after work. We strolled around the Wrigley Fountain, The Cloud Gate (the Bean), and then headed over to Crown Fountain (Faces Fountain) to let Maddox splash in the water for the first time.

While we were waiting for Daddy, we first stopped at the Wrigley Fountain. I wanted to get a picture of Maddox with it . . .
But he was more interested in trying to climb into the fountain, so we didn't stay long.
Baby Brother slept. He doesn't yet have an interest in all things water, but he will soon enough.
Our next stop was the Bean. By the way, here is our new hand-me-down stroller. You can't really see all of it, but Maddox is climbing out of the toddler seat on the lower backside of the stroller.

I was actually able to snap a pic of Maddox looking at the camera! That does not happen very often. That's the Bean in the background.
Maddox has been to the Bean several times. But this was the first time he was actually interested in it, and enjoyed running around the big shiny legume.
Still sleeping of course, here is my very own sweet little bean with the Bean. It was his first time visiting Grant Park and the Bean, as you can see he was thrilled.
Matt met us at the Bean and we headed over to the Faces Fountain. It's comprised of two giant screens that display videos of different faces. Water splashes out over the top, and every 5 minutes or so water sprays out of the mouths of the faces. There is also shallow (like 3 inches) water between the two giant screens, which are somewhere around 100 feet apart maybe.
Maddox loved to run around in the water. Here is a classic example of a picture that would have been just perfect if I could get Bubba to look at the camera. Oh well. He goes his own way.
He absolutely loves other children. He mostly loves to watch them and try to imitate what he sees them doing.
Here he is near some splashing water, it was just from a kid that was running by. I got soaked, and no, I did not have swim attire on. But I will do anything to get a good picture of my baby. Gotta capture the memories!
This was the best picture I got. At least we can see his eyes!
Afterwords, we went to a new restaurant for dinner. It's called Smoque Barbecue. We had to wait in line for maybe 25 minutes before we could order. Then when we sat down, we were practically elbowing the people at the next table. That's how packed it was! Definitely not a place you go to for ambiance, so that should tell you how popular it is. And it was well worth it! Mason slept in the Ergo carrier, and Maddox devoured their homemade mac and cheese. We will definitely be back.

I would just like to add how great of a partner Matt is. I feel like there is no restaurant, store, situation etc that we can't tackle with two kids when we are together. We are like a well-oiled machine. Most of the time.

So back to Friday . . .

We ended the night by picking up frozen custard from our favorite shop, Lickity Split, on the way home. The have the best banana splits! Yum!

Sometimes, I really love the city.


MOM said...

What a FUN friday evening. Isn't it fun to watch Maddox explore new things? Love the pic of him with the Bean and playing in the water and with the boy. He must have had a blast. Thanks for sharing the pics. Hugs and Kisses to all.

Anonymous said...

How fun! You are both such great parents. I feel so blessed that my two grandsons have such a wonderful upbringing! Love all of you so much!