Nesting, apparently.


That's me, exhaling in a sigh of relief.

In the past two weeks, since I wrote this seemingly frantic post, a lot has happened at el casa de Becker (that's the Becker house, for all you non spanish speakers).

Mason's room is now officially organized. His clothes are neatly arranged and laying in their respective drawers. I made a fleecy blanket/cover of sorts for our old, hand-me-down recliner, which now lives in Mason's room, and will be just perfect for those fussy late nights and early morning nursing sessions. He finally has diapers, wipes, desitin, pacifiers, a clothes hamper, a rug, and a diaper pail (trash can) to call his own. His closet has been overhauled and unpacked, with near-future items easily accessible and not-so-near-future items stowed away. His changing pad has been attached to his dresser, which will double as a changing station. His blankets and burp cloths have been put in their baskets and I painted his book shelf/night stand bright yellow. We got rid of our extra full-size bed, and the guest bed has been put on it's frame at last.

His carseat has been washed and reassembled.

Due to some supply issues, our wing-back chair is not quite finished but will be wrapped up pretty quickly.

I made curtains for our dining/living area.

I painted a floor vase to match our current decor. And also painted a couple little accessories for our fireplace mantel.

I upholstered an end table and made it into a furry, abominable-snowman-looking, ottoman. Which I love. And surprisingly, so does Matt.

I reupholstered our computer chair.

I made curtains for our master bedroom.

I got the bassinet ready, and organized the few items that I would need in it's basket for the times in the first few months I don't want to walk to his bedroom in the middle of the night (i.e. bassinet sheets, extra swaddling blankets, clean onesies etc).

I totally revamped our exisiting laundry area non-storage situation. I bought (and labeled) tupperwares for things like craft supplies, batteries and flashlights, hardware, tools etc. Previously I had a couple of boxes of "junk" sitting on the shelves. Now I can finally say I have a place for everything.

Per my request, Matt has done some intense cleaning, including scrubbing our practically-floor-to-ceiling master shower, mopping all the floors, and cleaning out the fridge. As well as helping with our new chair and other odd jobs.

I can officially say that other than some cleaning here and there (and packing our hospital bags), I finally feel ready to welcome Baby Mason into our home. I finally feel settled, organized, put-together.

I have placed all my sticks and feathers just so, so that my little bird can rest comfortably in his new home.

I guess you could say I've been nesting.


Anonymous said...

so when are you gunna post pics of the apartment? i'd like to see all the new changes :)
<3 aunt kelsey

MOM said...

WOW! That's alot of stuff you managed to get done. What a whirlwind of activity. I'm glad your are ready for Mason's arrival....I know the rest of us are. Can't Wait!!!! Love you!