Feeling the crunch . . .

The time crunch, that is.

It just kicked in today. That feeling of "Holy cow! The baby will surely be here within 5 weeks, I only have 4 more weeks until my due date, I'm only ONE WEEK away from being full term and I have SO much to do!" Maybe it's just that final nesting spree, but I am feeling totally unprepared. If he were to come today, I think my type-"A"-organizational-have-to-have-things-just-right brain might rupture.

His room isn't organized whatsoever, it's pretty much a disaster zone. I need to clean and organize all the baby stuff, get rid of our extra bed, totally purge the closet in his room of all of the junk I stuck in there that didn't have a "place", finish reupholstering a wing-back chair we found in the alley behind our apartment (cause who has time for pulling out staples and sewing fabric with a newborn around?), get the bassinet set up, buy diapers, Desitin, pacifiers, a new bottle or two, and a baby monitor, get things together for the hospital (this can wait a few more weeks), attend the hospital orientation, do some deep cleaning around the apartment (the floors need to be mopped very very badly), vacuum out the truck and install the infant carseat. I think that's it. For today at least.

I know I still have a month to get things ready, but this pregnancy has already gone by so fast, I know the next four weeks will fly by. And these days the average household chore takes me twice as long to complete.

But all this talk about baby preparation is wearing me out.

I think I'll start with a nap.

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