Easter Weekend Part 1

Easter weekend was lots of fun this year! The weather was beautiful and Maddox was old enough to enjoy the festivities!
Saturday we went to an Easter egg "hunt", and to meet the Easter bunny. The egg "hunt" was for ages 4 and under and was held indoors in case of weather. Since the kids were so young, and to prevent the four year olds from totally dominating the only-recently-learned-to-walk-don't-really-know-that-I-am-supposed-to-be-collecting-these-eggs  one year olds, they simply dumped the empty (what one year old needs a basket full of chocolate?) eggs all over the floor. There were probably two to three hundred eggs in the gymnasium. Which was also filled with toddler-age toys. So by "hunt" I mean playing in the gym and casually picking up random eggs strewn about the room. It was perfect for Maddox.

We also got to meet the Easter bunny. I went into it thinking "I don't really care if Maddox meets the Easter bunny or not. I will not force him to sit on some creepy bunny's lap if he is crying or unhappy."
Waiting to meet the real deal.

I was surprised to see that Maddox, in fact, LOVED the Easter bunny. In typical Maddox fashion, he approached the bunny with a bit of trepidation at first, but quickly became enraptured by the rabbit.

And couldn't take his eyes away from the bunny even for a picture.

The rest of our time was spent gazing at the Easter bunny longingly from across the room, and occasionally removing Maddox from the other families' kodak moments with the Easter bunny.

Since it was so nice out, we stopped at the park. Maddox absolutely loves the playground. He usually spends him time watching other kids, walking back and forth across any bridge he can find, and going up and down the steps.

The playground was right by the beach, so we let Maddox explore the sand for a little bit too.

Of course he headed straight for the water.

Daddy helped him touch the water without getting wet. Much appreciated by mommy.

It was a great day.

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Grandma Kathy said...

I love these pictures! You do such a great job telling about his adventures! Can't wait to see you and Maddox!