Mandy and Lucas come to Visit!

A couple of weekends ago Aunt Mandy and Uncle Lucas came to to visit! We hadn't seen them since Christmas, and Lucas had never been to Chicago. We were excited to spend the (way too short) weekend with them, and of course, we did some of the typical sight-seeing around the city.

Daddy and Maddox at the Bean

We rarely get a picture of the three of us, since I am usually behind the camera. So I was excited that we had someone else to take the picture!

But Bubba wasn't really in the picture-taking mood.

I really liked this one of Matt and Maddox

Mandy and Lucas in the sky ledge at Sears (Willis) Tower. It was a foggy morning!

Maddox had no idea how high up we were!

All of the family at the Sears Tower.

We had a great visit with you guys! Thanks for making the long drive over here. I wish we could see you more often!

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Jessica said...

We probably walked right by you. We were in Chicago for a week, drove by "The Bean" several times, and visited the Sky Deck