Easter Weekend Part 2

Sunday Morning Maddox got his Easter basket. He was so excited!

He got bubbles, a super bouncy ball, some sand/garden toys, a couple new t-shirts, and some chocolate covered raisins.

He is obsessed with the bubbles. Whenever he spots that green bottle around the apartment, he demands that we blow bubbles.

He also got a new book, some small toys, a summer outfit and dvd from his Grandmas and Grandpas. As well as some cards and cash. What a lucky little boy! 

Side note: Is he not the most handsome little 16 month old you have ever seen? I sure think so.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. The only way it could have been better was to spend it with family. We are hoping next year we can be back in Iowa for Easter egg hunt with the whole fam! (Including a little brother!)

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