A Whole Lot of Lately

I haven't been keeping up with my blog lately, mostly because I have been trying to keep up with my active little boy, and when he is resting, so am I! So here's what has been going on lately.

We ordered a new rug from Overstock.com. It's huge, and it came in a huge bundle. It was laying in our hallway, waiting to be unrolled, and Maddox kept wedging himself between the mirror nook and the rug.
As you can see, he doesn't look too happy. That's because he would wedge himself in, get stuck, and then cry for help. Like most things these days, it quickly became a game.
Don't be fooled by his innocent expression! He put himself there.

He loves dragging various articles of clothing around, waving them in the air, and trying to take them on and off. He has become very helpful (in the loosest sense of the term) in the laundry department. He can always be relied upon to take folded clothes out of their baskets and scatter them about.
Or, you know, put them on his head.

I can't quite remember what he was doing here, but I am sure it was entertaining.

He loves to read books, especially books with real pictures. His idea of reading mainly consists of him pointing at pictures while I tell him what they are. He can always find the puppies!

He loves to sweep! One day I was sweeping the apartment and as soon as I put the broom down, he picked it up and started pushing it around. It has become one of his favorite pastimes. In fact, if I am sweeping, he will cry until it is his turn to use the broom.
We may have to find a miniature broom for him.

He is still the most adorable little boy in the world. 
If our next little one has as much charm and personality as our first, we will feel very blessed indeed.

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Tara said...

Oh my gosh Maddox is getting so big! He's so cute Linds! Hope things are going well with your 2nd pregnancy! Miss you!