His Favorite Time of Day

Maddox loves his bath-time. It has been a part if his nightly routine since he was a few weeks old, and he has always enjoyed it. We recently got bubble bath for him, and broke out the bath-time alphabet that he received for Christmas (thanks Aunt Mandy and Uncle Lucas!), so bath-time has been extra special lately.
Don't you just want to squeeze this little boy?

We have begun brushing his teeth, sans toothpaste, each night during bath-time since he has a whole mouthful of teeth to brush. The toothbrush has become one of his favorite bath toys.

These next pictures are enlarged for your enjoyment. I know you're gonna love 'em.

Cracks me up every time.


Gramma Lark said...

Oh Lindsey...these pictures are too funny. The girls at work were just asking me about new pics on the blog....Now I'll have something really fun to show them. He's hilarius! LOVE HIM! Mom

Anonymous said...

I made this picture into my screen saver and it makes me laugh every time I walk by the computer. Love It.