13 Months

Maddox is 13 months old.

*He is consistently waking up once at night, but we may try to wean him of that pretty soon.
*He will wave when you say "Hi!" or "Bye Bye"
*Eating table food pretty well, but still nurses once a day and drinks whole milk.
*Can climb up on the couch if he has something to pull, and can get down on his own.
*Walking like a pro!
*He has 12 teeth (8 front, and 4 molars that are still coming in).
*We watch Elmo in the car, and now when he gets in his carseat, he sings "la la la la" (some words to Elmo's Song), he also does this if you ask him if he wants to watch Elmo.
 *Takes one 2 hour nap a day, and sleeps about 12 hours a night.
*Says "Da" (for Daddy). But understands lots of other words!

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