The Second Time Around.

As of August, 2011, Maddox will no longer be an only child. Our little family is very excited to announce that we are expecting another little Becker Baby. I have always wanted my children to be close in age, and although it will be challenging at times, I am excited for Maddox to have a sibling who will be close to him (20 months or so), and I hope that they will become good friends.

I am 12 weeks along, and very much looking forward to feeling better (hopefully over the next couple weeks), feeling the baby move (around 18 weeks), finding out the gender (around 20 weeks), and actually looking pregnant (also around 20 weeks). Those are the best parts of pregnancy, and I am anxious to reach those milestones.

So far, I have felt pretty good overall, except for the nausea. I have felt more nauseous this time around then I did with Maddox, but with Maddox I had an anti-nausea pill prescribed by a P.A. friend of mine, and this time around I am managing it on my own. Most foods completely disgust me. I can't wait until I can actually eat again! Poor Matt, he has to scrounge for dinner or eat spaghetti (one of the few things I can tolerate). I know he is anxious for me to be feeling better as well.

We were very excited the day we found out. I wasn't really expecting a positive result from the pregnancy test, and was shocked to see those two lines. Don't ask me why I was shocked, baby #2 was no accident. But I was thrilled, and sent Matt a text message with the picture of the positive test. He couldn't believe it at first, and then his response was "Booyah!". Don't ask, I really don't know. But we are both very happy, and can't wait to meet this new child of ours.

*For the record, we both are very much thinking it's another boy.*

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