Christmas 2010

This Christmas we spent back in Iowa with our family. We spent Christmas Eve/early Christmas morning at my parents' house, and late Christmas morning/Christmas day with Matt's family. It is always a struggle to juggle our time with both families, and it never feels like we got enough time with either. We wish we were able to see all of you much more often!

This past Christmas felt like Maddox's first Christmas. The year he was born, we were just coming home from the hospital on Christmas day, and since we had been so busy preparing for him, we never really gave the holidays a second thought. Our families were in Iowa, and we didn't even have a tree. So this year it was really nice to be able to celebrate the holidays with Maddox. Although, the celebration was pretty minimal on his part. I can't wait until Christmas is an exciting, set out milk and cookies, stay up all night waiting for Santa, wake up as early as possible, thrilled to open presents, sort of event for him.

Maddox with Uncle Evan. Uncle Evan adores Maddox, 
and is constantly holding and helping out with him.

Maddox by the Christmas tree, wearing his Christmas jammies.

And again.

Tearing a bow off of a gift. (Check out the teeth!)

He is so mischievous!

Merry Christmas!

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Shirley said...

Love the pics, does't seem possible that he's a year old. He is so adorable can't wait to see him again. Love GM