Not much going on these days.

Life has been pretty routine lately. Our days are filled with playing at home, walking to the park, going to the bank/grocery store/library, napping, making dinner, spending time with Daddy, taking baths and sleeping. Nothing very blog worthy.

Matt will be leaving in a couple weeks to go to West Virgina yet again. We will miss him very much, but are excited to spend some time with Grandma Kathy, who will be staying for a few days while Matt is gone.
Matt is starting a new project at work, a project that will take three years from start to finish. He is excited to work on a project from start to finish and hopefully he won't get too tired of working on the same bridge for three years.

Maddox has been learning so much these days, and he can be quite mischievous. His recent fascination has been with reactions. He looks for reactions in lots of ways. It could be as simple as knocking over a stack of blocks, feeding Jasper a cracker, or throwing a ball (after all of which he looks to me for recognition, praise or otherwise). Or, it could be something more troublesome, such as pulling Jasper's tail or biting whomever is nearest to him.
Today for example, he bit Alex (a little boy I watch 5 days a week) on the foot when I wasn't looking. Obviously, I don't praise him for that. Typically, I remove him from the person whom he has bitten and say something like "No thank you Maddox, that hurts          Alex      " But lately he has been getting fiestier. No sooner than I had moved him away from Alex, and he was right back over there, picking up Alex's bare foot (that child refuses to leave his socks on) and sticking it in his mouth. I quickly rushed over, but, unfortunately for Alex, not quick enough. Maddox bit Alex's foot, looked right at Alex, who let out a wail, and continued to watch him while he cried and I comforted him.

I am hoping it's just a phase.

I love that he is interested in seeing appropriate responses to different situations. It seems to be quite intelligent for a ten month old. But hopefully, he will learn that biting doesn't elicit a favorable reaction.

Regardless, I have a feeling that I will have my hands full for the next couple of years. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

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