Saturday morning, little Maddox got his first real boo boo. He burned his little hand on the radiator*.
*Ironically, just two weeks ago I mentioned to Matt that we need to get a cover for the radiator before Bubba burns himself.

The Culprit

He used his hand to lean on the radiator, so he wasn't able to immediately pull his hand away. This resulted in one giant blister on the top half of his palm, a medium sized blister below his thumb, and two tiny blister on his fingers. As well as an hour of solid screaming. It was a very rough morning for Maddox, as well as myself. It's very hard to see your child in so much pain and not be able to do anything about it.

We ran his hand under cold water for 20 minutes, gave him some pain reliever and bandaged him up (he did not enjoy any of those things).

 His poor little bandaged hand.

What a sad little guy.

After he finally settled down, he fell asleep and took a long nap. I called the pediatrician to make sure we didn't need to take him to the ER. He woke up in better spirits and was even able to crawl around and play as usual. In fact, it hasn't seemed to bother him at all since.

(note his 3 bottom teeth in this photo!)

I re-bandage his hand at least twice a day, in order to keep it clean and well protected. So far, he has only pulled the gauze off a couple of times. He has done a very good job leaving it alone!

His arsenal of burn products.

It's pretty funny, he has already figured out that he can slide his bandaged hand along the floor when he crawls. He doesn't even pick it up, he just pushes it along.

Still a happy boy!

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Anonymous said...

Awwww..... poor Maddox! It is HARD to see your child in any kind of discomfort, even though you know it's inevitable. So GLAD to hear and see he has regrouped very well it seems. :) Kisses and Hugs Maddox.... Love, Lynette