Mr. Personality

*WARNING: Picture Overload!*
Maddox has really developed quite a crazy personality. He is always shrieking, banging his hands on things, swinging his arms, kicking his legs, throwing toys etc. He loves to interact with us, making noises and faces. We can always count on him to let us know when he isn't happy. He doesn't cry unless he gets hurt or is really hungry. Otherwise he just whines and grunts.
It may not sound like it from what I have described, but he is really so much fun. He has just become his own little person.
Although, I am a little nervous when I think of this crazy little monster as a toddler. . .

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Anonymous said...

Lindsey, you could never be in picture overload or the updates of Maddox! Love all of it! He has totally come into his own for sure. I think I will take a wild guess and say you will be kept on your toes. :) Love, Lynette