He's So Much Fun!

Maddox has so many new things going on lately! I just wanted to take a second to share.

*He does a lot of grunting/fake coughing. It seems to have become his favorite way to communicate.
*If grunting doesn't work, try shrieking.

*He got his third tooth! The top right one. The other top one looks like it isn't too far behind.
*He is such a fast little army crawler. I am starting to think that he is just going to skip right over crawling and go to walking.
*He has been trying to pull himself up to stand on everything. He can get part way up, but he still needs a little more coordination and strength.
*He has been pointing with his little index finger. I don't think he knows how to use it to get things, just more of a practice in dexterity.
*He loves to grab Jasper's tail/paws/fur. Jasper usually gets up and moves.
*He has started "dancing" to music. Just a little bit, but so cute.
 *He has been sleeping through the night! Yay!

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shirley said...

Love the videos, it's like having him her. Can't believe how he's growing. Thanks Liz. Love u