Tubby Time in a Green Sink

We were back in Iowa last weekend, and Maddox took a bath in Grandma Lark's kitchen sink. It was a nice break for me to not have to sit on the bathroom floor and I think Maddox liked the new perspective.

He's gonna kill me for this one some day. But look at those cute cheeks!
Also, note how he is pulling himself up a little bit!

Playing with the water.

He sure does love bath time!


Mom said...

It was SO much fun having you both for a visit. Seeing Maddox in the green sink reminds me of bathtime with another sweet baby with cute chubby cheeks. What a fun memory....LovE YOU!

Tara said...

He is way too cute Lindsey!

Jamie said...

We have a really similar sink but ours is yellow. I love the faucet! Kyle hates our colored sink but I think he would agree to keep it if we changed up the hardware!