Bubba's First Bump

Lat night Maddox slept from 9pm until 6am in his crib! I was so proud of my little man. But part of me missed cuddling with him during his night time feedings. So when he woke up hungry at 6 this morning, I brought him in bed with me, knowing he would eat and then sleep another hour or two. We cuddled for a little while and then we both dozed off. I awoke around 8:00 to the sound of a loud thud, and I knew instantly what it was. Maddox had rolled off the bed.
I am sure it was very scary for the poor little guy. But he didn't cry too long.
Of course I had the first-time-mom thoughts like "what if he has a concussion?" "what if he has brain damage?". But I am happy to report that, apart from my bruised confidence in my parenting abilities and a small bump on Madman's head, everything is fine.

Maybe I can convince Matt that we need a bigger bed . . .


Grandma Kathy said...

Grandma Kathy misses you! You are amazing!

Jamie said...

I have been meaning to leave a comment but usually read blogs on my phone and can never figure out how to comment.

I know that Maddox doesn't sleep in your bed often but we just put a bolster pillow under the fitted sheet so it acts as a bumper. Lauren can definitely climb over it but she can not roll off in the middle of the night. She has gotten really good lately though and now lowers herself off the bed feet first. The other night I heard her grunting and I looked down to find her trying to climb back into our bed. I have NO IDEA how she even got out successfully in the dark.