Never a Dull Day

Last week Maddox and I went down town to sit by the "Faces" Fountain (Crown Fountain). It was so sunny and beautiful! We rode the bus down and sat under a tree where Maddox could watch the kids. He is so good at sitting up on his own, I had to snap a few pics.

 You can see the fountain in the background of this one.
What a big boy!
 Am I cute or what?
Mommy sure thinks so!
Handsome little man!

I can sit up!

Matt came and met us after he got off work. Thankfully he got off a little early so he was able to spend a couple minuted at the park with us.
 Unfortunately, shortly after Daddy got there it started getting cloudy. Right as we were leaving it started sprinkling and within minutes it was pouring! We made it to the bus, which was empty because everyone was taking shelter indoors!
But, we forgot that the bus we were on doesn't go all the way to our stop in the evenings. So we got kicked off a few blocks away from our apartment and had to walk home in the rain with no umbrella! Luckily, I had on Matt's raincoat and Maddox was tucked inside with his head covered up, so he avoided most of it. Being a curious little boy, he of course wanted to see out of the coat, so he did catch a few drops. He looked like a cute little wet baby bunny. Or some other baby animal that would look cute when wet.
Never a dull moment.

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