6 Months!

I cannot believe I am about to say this, but my little baby is 6 months old! Holy cow! If that six months went by so quickly, I can imagine the next six will go by even faster, and soon he will be starting kindergarten, graduating from college, and having babies of his own. Where did his childhood go?? Maybe I am getting a little bit ahead of myself, as this so-called family man I am speaking of is currently bouncing in his rainforest jumperoo.
 Let's not get carried away.

Another milestone occurred today, Maddox got his first tooth! It's a bottom one, and his other bottom one is right behind it. It's just barely poking through, so I will have to get a picture when it's more visible. I am so excited for him, but I have to admit, I am going to miss that toothless grin. I have never seen such a cute pair of gums.
We had a 6 month check-up today. In Dr. King's words Maddox "looks like a champ".

Here are his stats:
Head: I can't remember, but he is just above the 50th percentile.
Height: 26 1/2", just above the 50th percentile as well.
Weight: 20 lbs, 5 oz, he has dropped to the 90th percentile. So he is starting to thin out a little bit.

*He can sit up
*he can roll over both ways
*Has his first tooth and working on his second
*Is more talkative
*Starting to be leary of strangers
*Flaps his arms
*Loves to bounce himself, whether on the floor, in his bouncer, or on your lap
*Is very excitable!
*Flops like a fish when on his tummy, he wants to move around!

We went to the beach last week for Madman's first trip to Lake Michigan. There isn't much for a six month old lad to do at the beach. He didn't like the cold water and he is just a little too young to build a sand castle or sun bathe.
He did, however, eat some sand.
He is so much fun right now. I feel so blessed every day to raise such a beautiful, happy perfect little boy.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see all of you! You are right, You are blessed for such a wonderful boy! He is also blessed to have such good parents!! Love you... Grandma Kathy

Tara said...

He's so cute! And he almost weighs as much as Addy! haha Is he wearing 12 month clothes yet? I love the sand mouth! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsey, what GREAT pictures. I am so glad he wasn't fearful of us when we visited. The tooth wasn't far off the way he was shall we say (gnawing):) Love, Auntie Lynette

Maria said...

Wow! He is doing so well, Lindsay. You are a super mommy :) I love that he's 6 months and weighs 20 lbs... Greta is not a skinny kid, but she's 13 months and weighs 23 lbs. Impressive!